We love our Routemaster buses, but they’re only part of the story. To play a key role in so many special days each year, we need some special people. We haven’t got room to feature everyone at once, but here are some of the talented individuals who keep the wheels turning and help make the team the best in the business.

Office team

Attention to detail, calm, flexibility and a real “can do” mentality – all essential ingredients in the office, and we’re blessed with Julia and Karen, who’ll sort out all the details of your booking, find answers to your questions and always go the extra mile to help make your event special.

Charles, Director

Radio and TV broadcaster Charles Nove is one of the founder Directors of and enjoys driving our Routemasters whenever he can.

You may recognise his voice from many years at BBC Radio 2, and he now wakes up the good folks of Oxfordshire with early morning shows on BBC Radio Oxford.


Malcolm, Driver

As a Leading Driver, ­Malcolm often becomes involved in the planning of our bookings, especially finding safe routes for large vehicles and answering interesting questions, such as: “When can a bus go into a Royal Park?” Malcolm qualified as a professional bus driver some 25 years ago, in order to be able to drive a 53-seater coach for his sons’ youth band.

If his voice sounds vaguely familiar, that may be because he worked for many years as a BBC TV announcer. He feels privileged to drive our classic Routemasters and, when traffic conditions permit, he may be heard singing at the top of his voice. Fortunately, our passengers have a choice: the sliding window at the back of the driver’s cab is soundproof!


Chris, Driver

Chris worked for many years as a television director and producer at the BBC.

He continues to work in the industry as a freelance and splits his professional time between producing television and training other people to produce television.

When he’s not driving our buses, Chris’s great passion is flying and he shares ownership of a light aircraft based in Buckinghamshire.


Phil, Driver

Phil holds licences to drive buses, cars, motorcycles and articulated lorries, and to fly single and multi-engined light aircraft and helicopters. A busy chap, he spends much of his time, when not at the wheel for, teaching young people to drive. He reckons he’s seen at least 350 novices through the Driving Test.

In his younger day, Phil used to race cars at all the major UK tracks, but he doesn’t seem to mind the limited racing capabilities of the London Routemaster too much!


Rob, Driver

Rob, formerly a BBC Weatherman, now works in and broadcasts from Qatar. But we’re very pleased that he comes home to reacquaint himself with the British weather and to drive proper buses!

Rebecca, Conductor

Another of our lovely team of Conductors, who seamlessly blend their duties of safety and customer service aboard’s Routemaster fleet, Rebecca is also balancing work with her studies as a Pharmacology student. She enjoys travelling and dancing, too.


Liz, Conductor

Away from the Routemaster platform, Liz is a professional Ecologist, so if she suddenly starts paying rapt attention to the hedgerow, or the ground on which we’re parked, don’t worry; she’s probably just sighted something interesting by way of foliage or wildlife!