“Can I hire ThisBus for my wedding?”
You can’t actually marry on board but we can take you and your guests to and from the Ceremony and Reception – and wherever else you’d like to go – in fine style.

“Whereabouts are you based?”
We are based in High Wycombe but cover all of London and within the M25.

“How far can we go?”
The London Routemaster was built for moving lots of people on short journeys. With a cruising speed of around 38mph, long hauls on motorways aren’t great for the bus, your guests or your wallet! If there’s major inter-city mileage involved you’ll be better served by a local Coach company. See our Links page for suggestions.

“Can you take me abroad?”
No, we’re limited to working in the UK. Apart from anything else, the low clearance height of bridges in many parts of Europe means British double deckers are just too tall to go there.

“How many passengers does a bus take?”
Each of our buses can carry up to 72 people. Please think carefully about additional factors such as buggies, wheelchairs and wandering photographers, all of which account for space and may reduce your available passenger capacity.

“What if I have more guests than the bus has seats?”
The choice is more than one bus, or more than one trip! We’ll be happy to discuss the options and costs to see what suits you.

“Can we have our names on the front?”
Personalised destination blinds are a popular choice for weddings and party outings. Ask us for details. We need up to 6 weeks’ notice for manufacture. They look great on the day & make a special souvenir!

“Can I have a Champagne toast aboard?”
Yes! Just agree the details with us when you book. Plastic glasses only, for safety reasons. There are just a few sporting fixtures where the law prohibits the carriage of alcohol but, for most bookings, there’s no problem at all. We have a great Wine List – ask for details.

“What will it cost me?”
Every booking is different so please get in touch and we’ll work it out. For a typical wedding hire the cost can be as little as £10 per head. We’ll always give you a firm quotation once we’ve discussed your exact requirements.

“Are these old buses safe?”
Yes! The Department for Transport expects us to meet exactly the same safety requirements as any modern bus. There’s the annual Public Service Vehicle Test and rigorous, detailed safety inspections at regular intervals throughout the year. For everyone’s safety, we’ll ask you to remain seated and not to travel on the stairs or the open platform. We’ve never lost anyone off the back of the bus, and we certainly don’t want to start with you!

“Is there heating, for cold winter days?”
There is heating, yes, but it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s an open platform at the back, and that the heating was designed to take the worst of the chill off, for passengers dressed for town commuting on short journeys. If members of your party are likely to be particuarly cold-sensitive, it may be wise to suggest they bring a coat or a blanket.


Don’t be taken for a ride

Always use a licensed operator
Naturally, we hope you’ll be travelling with us but, if not, please beware of the dangers of using an unlicensed operator.

To carry passengers, the law requires the Operator and the Driver to be properly licensed. If they aren’t, their insurance will almost certainly be invalidated and there’s no guarantee that the vehicle will have been checked and maintained to commercial safety standards.

Stay safe – check they have an O Licence!